Our MossArt & Green Walls are 100% REAL preserved plants that look alive and retain their natural texture, flexibility and colour indefinitely. Because they are preserved, our plants no longer require any lighting, soil, watering, or fertilizers. Plus, they do not attract insects or give off any allergens. 

Our Mosses & Plants are preserved by replacing the water inside the plants with glycerine. Because there is no longer any water in the plant, they will not dry out and will maintain their lifelike look & feel. 

We offer unique one of a kind smaller MossArt pieces and larger full Green Walls. We can also create corporate logos using our preserved Mosses & Plants. 

Having a wedding or perhaps your looking for a beautiful centrepiece for the lobby of your business? We can create stunning centerpieces that you won’t have to throw out in a week. We work along side your architects and interior designers to bring the beauty of nature into your indoor space.

Example of Commercial MossArt in Office Space
Example of Commercial MossArt in Office Space


MossArt is an indoor product only and its softness may vary according to the relative humidity of the room. When soft, the Moss should never be watered or sprayed. The “softness state” of the moss does not change its look. It will always look green, fresh and natural. There will be a natural scent for a few months, which will progressively fade. The MossArt should never be placed in direct sunlight as the color may fade. If required, the Moss could be carefully dusted using a blow dryer on a cool setting or an air duster used for keyboards.