About Stace Bleich

Stace Bleich

About Me

Meet Stace Bleich, the visionary behind our designs, residing in the charming seaside village of Chester on Nova Scotia’s South shore, alongside his wife Jamie. With a rich history of seamlessly blending nature’s beauty into interior spaces across Nova Scotia and beyond, Stace has now elevated his craft.

Introducing the artistry of Venetian plaster and decorative paints to his repertoire, Stace brings a sophisticated touch to his creations. These exquisite lime plasters have swiftly gained popularity for their natural allure and impeccable craftmanship.

Beyond his design prowess, Stace is a licensed real estate agent and an avid outdoorsman. Exploring the scenic landscapes of Nova Scotia fuels his passion for innovative designs. As Stace ventures into uncharted territory, each wall he adorns becomes a canvas of inspiration, reflecting his unwavering commitment to excellence.